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Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: December 3, References. It can be notoriously difficult to tell if a woman is interested in you, romantically, or is just being friends. This is not the girl's fault, but rather a projection of your own interest.

You like or have a crush on her, and so it feels natural that she might have a crush on you as well. That said, not every girl you meet is going to think you're cute, but there are some ways to tell if she does.

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If a girl says you're cute?

Learn more Explore this Article Steps. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Know that all girls are different. There is no one, perfect way to find out if a girl thinks you're cute, and signs that one girl likes you may be a sign from another girl that she isn't interested.Hey everyone. So today I went to the movies with my best friend then later we hung out together and did the things best friends do together. We're both My best friend is also a girl. A few times during our day out, I put my arm around her nothing romantic, I was just being friendly and each time she would respond with "Aww you're so cute" or "Oh cuteness".

What does this mean? This is too bloody cute!!! Yes, I know I just said "cute" lol. This may mean she thinks you're attractive in an endearing way and have a cute personality.

You put your arm round her.

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She may think it's cute that you value her so much as a friend. Or, it could also mean she likes you more than a friend and is waiting for you to ask her out. The latter seems quite possible. I'll repeat what I said in your other question: it's the cutest thing when guys and girls are besties.

What does a girl mean when she says "Aww you're so cute"?

Aww :. That's soo sweet! I too love my friends at school I'm Good to know people value friendships so much :. It's been 22 years since I was 13 haha, but when the word "cute" comes to mind, I think of things like puppies and kittens and the way little kids behave.

For example, I have a 7 year old son and I think he's really cute in the way he acts. However, it may not be such a bad thing. It could well be a plus for you sweetheart! The girl may actually really like you. She may think you're attractive in an endearing way, have a cute personality or she thinks you're cute in a romantic way.

May even be a combination of, or all three of these things. It varies from girl to girl, so try to read her body language and infer from there :. Cute's got a bad reputation. People don't mean you're Eeyore when they call you cute; they just mean that you please them when they look at you. This is far from the worst thing they could say.I've started dressing better recently, and I've had a few girls tell me "you're so cute".

I know this is usually girl speak for "you're not attractive but I'll be polite", but a few girls have also told me that I look really good today, so now I'm not sure. What do you think, girls? What do you mean by "cute"? Share Facebook. When a girl says you're cute? Add Opinion. I'm your proof and what adds onto that is I've always been to shy to even hang around with girls except for really good friends who I've known for ages but yea take a shot the worst that could happen is her say no and then you say "Are we still friends" most likely the girl won't wanna end a friendship because your interest in her she just needs to build stronger relations maybe to get her to say yes know each other for awhile then ask her out I know that's general knowledge but maybe knowing her for awhile will make her more comfortable moving to the next step with you and give you a chance with her, and also if she's a girl whos into guys for looks chances are she's only gonna use you I know this for a fact one of my friends attempted suicide because a girl turned him down Cute doesn't mean unattractive.

If I were to say it to a guy it would be because I think he's attractive, but not in the same way as 'hot'. This might be caused by lack of confidence on the guy's part.

It could be your facial features. If you have a babyface or childlike features then you're gonna hear cute more. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Show All Show Less. That's the rub, as Shakespeare would say: some girls do use it as a euphemism for " He's OK, but I'm not attracted to him", while others could genuinely intend it as flirting. Iilero Xper 4.

What does it mean when a girl says you're cute?

I tell people I think are attractive that they're cute all the time, even if I don't have feelings for them or whatever.

It's a genuine compliment on my end. OGEuphonium Xper 5. I think it means she sees you as a younger person than you are. Younger people look cuter usually. Either that or if you get flustered a lot and blush, then that's something most would say is cute.

Its a compliment, think about it as if you see a kitten you say aww that's cute. So the girls obviously like the way you dress. Xper 7.You're right in saying they can mean it differently - but what a guy actually means by it totally depends on the guy and girl involved, and the situation, and the age I could fill a library with things it depends on!

But basically, if a guy you like who you think likes you back calls you "cute", then you've got a good chance he likes you. Unless he's a player or you know he calls all the girls cute, that is. Also, me and my ex still talk and are really good friends, which is really nice for both of us since we broke up for really stupid reasons But I call her cute and she talks about missing me, and it's not like we like each other, it's just we're really close.

So if he's your close friend then he could say it just because he's close to you. In answer to your question, yes there IS a deeper meaning when he says it because with girls it's just like "OMG you look so cute in that dress!

If you've seen movies like Sydney White my sis made me sit thru it with her then you'll have seen the part where the guy tells the girl don't remember names that Sydney's cute.

It's like saying she's pretty and funny, even though the original word means "ugly and interesting". X is a hardcore bachelor and the man I love his best friend sat back and watched our interaction, which was lively and lots of shared interests, then Mr X came up with what I felt was a snap decision - -I'm a monkey. That statement is bugging me coz there are so many undercurrent meanings. What do you think about being called a monkey after someone repeatedly says your cute, especially in this situation where this is my best boy friend's male friend saying this?

I've said a girl is cute with no attraction to her at all, and I've also said a girl is cute when I have a lot of feelings for her. When I say it, it just means I think she is cute. It doesn't have any deeper meaning for me. It depends. Sometimes cute doesn't mean that he is attracted to you, it can mean that you're sweet or that you're cute in the sense that you're pretty but in a dainty way Either way its not a bad thing.

When a guy calls a girl cute they mean the girl is cute good looking adorable. The meaning of cute coming from a guy is the same meaning as when any guy says it as long as the girl is not to much younger ten the guy is.

Hopefully I have the answer your looking for. Yeah I agree with all other people, It means that they want to have sex but this is almost 40 percent of the meaning. The 60 percent is as follows According to me. He just want to appreciate your beauty, Boys usually use this phrase because if they say too less. If say they too much e. You look Hot and sexy. Sentences like " you look stunning" or " you are cute" allows them to appreciate appropriately. When someone tells you that your cute ask what they mean by "Cute" then you'll have an idea what they meant.

Answer Save. Andy Turlington. Favourite answer. Hope I helped!! Which I bet you are. Randi Lv 4. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. This Site Might Help You. Are Nakashima. Can mean a lot of thinks for example: 1.There are many things that a man likes to be called.

Cute is probably not one of them. The thing about being called cute is that it can mean many different things. Cute is something you call a puppy dog. There are times when cute means so much more than what you think. Cute is a term of endearment for women. Consider these other things that cute means. In fact, sometimes it is the cornerstone of it.

It just means that you have a boyish good look that has something more special. You are naturally just attractive without all the handwork. They are the ones that you want to land. They can make your heart soar and have you thinking that love exists. Crushes are even better than love because they are that much more exciting and child-like, which is what makes puppy love something you never forget. You only care about the one girl that you have your eye on.

when a girl says you re so cute

It truly means that you just have a good personality and make a girl laugh. That could mean that you are hot as hell or just hot enough. But, does it really matter? If she likes you, she likes you.

They have the perfect way to say things that make it sound complimentary or at least sweet. When someone calls you cute, it means that your not someone who is into themselves more than they care about someone else. Girls want a boy that is cute without all the prep work. If you do, you just do. A bit shy, there is something reserved about them that is attractive to girls. What they say is what they mean. They are just damn cute! He is just out to have a good time and enjoy time together.

Hit the trails for a mountain hike, or settle in at the sports bar to catch a basketball game. Cute boys are all about living in the moment and not putting on a suit and tie to impress anyone. The cute guy is the one that you want at your side during the good and bad times because they make the bad ones not so bad.

Guys who are considered hot, make everything way too intense. Girls would rather the drama free cute, trust me. Cute boys are content to be in love with the ones who love them back.

Guys have the wrong assumption that girls are looking for the hottest guy in the room. What most women know is that the hottest guy is all about him. A cute guy is what women are all looking for. He is honest, hardworking and he loves the woman that he is with. Every girl grows up dreaming about the cute boy next door, so stop thinking that someone telling you, you are cute, is a bad thing and embrace it. In the end, cuteness is more than just about the way that you look.

It is about being exactly what the right girl wants and then some. Thank you for sharing your positive comment.Share Facebook. If a girl says you're cute? Add Opinion. It depends on the girl. When I say it, I think the guy is fine but I don't want to come on too strong so I'll just say cute, it's not as extreme but still makes it obvious I find him attractive. Now if someone asked me what I thought of him and I said "cute" it could either be the first reason or maybe I just see him as an attractive person but I'm not attracted to him.

For me cute means pretty much the same thing as hot, attractive, handsome, etc. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. BartAsh Xper 5. For me it means the guy is good looking and if I know him I like his personality to be honest I am not sure what it means exactly when I say it all I know I that it is a good thing lol. It means you're attractive. I can't imagine her saying it because you're "kid" cute. In my experience it doesn't mean much more than they think you're fun to hang out with once in a while.

I've made the mistake in the past of just assuming it meant they were interested. Related myTakes. Show All. My Mother in Law is driving me nuts. How can I keep the peace until she moves out? Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.I understand when guys are completely clueless when it comes to trying to figuring out what does it mean when a girl calls you cute. Sometimes, trying to figure out what a girl means is completely useless.

However, you can read her body language to get some indication of what she may mean. Reading their body language keys you into a whole new world of meaning. Cute means so many different things. Here are all the different potential things she means when she calls you cute. Cute is often what girls call little kids for a number of different reasons. Cute can also be a very platonic word.

Another way girls use the word cute is to describe someone that is attractive, but only just. I personally use this one all the time. The difference when I call them cute and mean it in this way, I usually roll my eyes in some way and put a sarcastic spin on it. The thing is, we know this word is confusing, and we actually like to use it in order to make you think a little harder about it.

when a girl says you re so cute

Yes, I know. Does she sound genuine, sarcastic, or even nervous? Listen to the way she actually uses the word, and it can help you decipher what she means by it. Watch her smile! What type of relationship do you have with her?

Just friends? Thinking about this helps you determine what she means. Girls give everything away in their body language. We have a tendency to have nervous quirks that are clear giveaways that we like you—which we show in the form of calling you cute.

Is she making eye contact? Smiling a lot? Playfully smacking you? Did you make a funny joke, compliment her, or just stand there? I completely understand the need for some clarification about what a girl means when she calls you cute.

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when a girl says you re so cute

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