Frank Dux is a badass martial artist who fought in underground no-holes-barred Kumite tournaments. Before the days of commercial MMA, he was a heavyweight champion with a record. What you might know is the Oscar winning movie Bloodsport, a testosterone epic with Jean-Claude van Damme flexing his pecs and dominating an elite underground fighting circuit. So will the real Frank Dux please stand up? In this definitive guide we delve into the fact and fiction, deciphering the life and times of this famous martial artists.

Nobody could beat me — I retired undefeated. I mean truly undefeated. He seriously kicks some ass, revealing his martial arts background and running over a succession of opponents should be bigger, badder, or faster than him. Bloodsport is based on the life of U.

S Army Captain Frank Dux. Frank Dux has been trained in Ninjutsu by a Japanese master Senzo Tanaka, who offers him a chance to fight in an illegal single-elimination full-contact martial arts tournament — the Kumite. Dux makes it through the first two days and breaks the Kumite record for the fastest ever knockout. Li goes on to violently kill his next opponent. Jackson is in hospital and Dux vows to avenge the defeat.

Enter Janice Kent, an American journalist who provides a bit of tasty on screen action. But he gets past them both to challenge Li. In the final, Li blinds Dux with a crushed salt pill. But Dux uses his Ninjutsu training and fights without sight, using other senses to overcome Li and force him to surrender — we told you this Frank Dux guy was badass.

In doing so, he becomes the first ever Western winner of the Kumite. Which is pretty sick. But is it actually true? When Hollywood were interested in his story, Frank Dux ended up writing the original Bloodsport screenplay. This was then adapted by Sheldon Lettich who changed around so much that Dux almost went to court with the producers.

With everyone debating the truth of the movie, Frank Dux went on record to explain a few things about Bloodsport. He was trying to separate the Hollywood screenplaying from his own original story. Everyone knows Dux through Van Damme and Bloodsport.

We met there, 60 stories up, and I stood on this section that was no wider than 18 inches. Not even when I took him to court. Or Frank Dux in a bare-knuckled fight on a hotel rooftop? Black Belt Magazine are pretty clear about it in their November magazine:. Frank Dux has since explained that the I. This was an illegal tournament. A at the time. One that could have done is Ghengis Khan, the Mongolian warrior who conquered the world in the 13 th century.

Bigger than the Romans, Greeks, and any colonial empire. Khan used these to identify his killer lieutenants just like Sanzo Tanaka would use the Kumite to source an army of enforcers.Army to compete in the Kumite martial arts tournament. Although there is no convenient way to verify each and every detail connected with this story, the editors have verified enough of the basic facts to feel confident in publishing it.

But since we are not a liberty to share the corroborating evidence with the public, we acknowledge that each reader may have a different idea of what the facts permit him to believe. Despite the alleged secrecy of the Kumite, Dux said that he was allowed to speak to Black Belt in because the IFAA, the organization behind it, wanted more American fighters as part of their institution. He was serving as a sort of spokesperson.

Dux goes into even greater detail, describing the clashing fighting styles, strategies for the various stages and opponents, and even the selection process — via videotape — in which competitors are chosen.

Bloodsport (1988)

In the years preceding BloodsportDux became a regular in various martial arts publications. In an interview with Martial Arts MagazineDux says that he was brought into the agency because Casey suspected there was a mole. Casey wanted to avoid that at all costs. In situations where things got really dirty and nasty, my job was to seek the truth. Once I discovered it, I had authority to dispense justice as I saw fit. I was essentially acting as judge, jury and executioner.

The validity of his claims has been much disputed in the years since Bloodsport. But, even those objections have been disputed, leading to a mess of false evidence, lies, and somewhere in the middle, the truth. No trace of Tanaka could be found in historical texts or from independent martial arts experts. Told of the findings, Dux said the man was living under an assumed name. As martial arts rose to new heights of interest in the United States in the s, so did the competition to recruit students.

The exaggerations led to hard feelings among other martial artists, and occasional threats. Johnson and the L. There was one guy who he introduced me to, named Richard Bender, who claimed to have actually been at the Kumite event and who swore everything Frank told me was true. A few years later this guy had a falling-out with Frank, and confessed to me that everything he told me about the Kumite was a lie; Frank had coached him in what to say.

The NOT So REAL Frank Dux

Amongst the phonies exposed in the work is Frank Dux, who Burkett says never served in Vietnam, as the conflict was already over when he began his military service. Dux claims to have never stated that he fought in the Vietnam War, just that he had missions during the conflict in the region. As for the photo, Dux holds that it was simply taken at a college Halloween party — the military outfit was a costume.

If personal vendettas contributed to the attacks, then what were they?

frank dux website

Dux has an answer for that. Times editorial was an attack from two sides. Bender also said that Steven K. While Dux has long maintained that Hayes — one of the leading authorities of Ninjutsu training in the U. Navy Lt. Kumite, is in fact, a real thing. The question is whether or not the Kumite tournament Dux described in the Black Belt feature actually happened.

The society also recognizes Dux as a past winner of the Kumite. Facebook Twitter Flipboard uproxx. The Secret Man.

Things get more interesting from there. And around we go. July 17, by: Cherise Johnson Twitter.

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July 17, by: Steve Bramucci Facebook Twitter. July 16, by: Aaron Williams Twitter.I am not calling Mr. Dux a liar, nor am I saying that he is intentionally falsifying any reports about his life. I will not call his military experience into question; the man served our country, and for that, he has earned our utmost respect. According to accounts, the actual Kumite was a tournament that was held in the Bahamas. It was initially a concept used by the Black Dragon Society to crown the strongest amongst their ranks; that tournament had evolved into an invitational that Hanshi Frank Dux had been the champion of between and So, why would that claim be exaggerated?

I am also not disputing that Frank Dux did receive proxy instruction to a degree. Most importantly, I am not calling his martial arts pedigree into being suspect. Clearly, any man that can contribute to the self defense systems of the United States military knows what he is doing to an expert degree.

frank dux website

What I am saying is that the story of Frank Dux learning martial arts through a window might have been romanticized just a little bit. My reasoning is simple: any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teacher will tell you that they get guys who come off the street, thinking they have something of a wealth of knowledge because they are pretty dedicated to following the UFC.

Perhaps Frank does possess the genetic ability to mimic and master such things. That stereotype exists because it is founded in some degree of truth; we think of Hollywood types like that because a lot of them are. Frank Dux pitched his idea of Bloodsport to a friend without realizing it. His friend wanted to make a martial arts movie and Frank was willing to help.

Bloodsport was the doorway to some pretty substantial martial arts movies for Frank Dux; work included pictures like Lionheart, Only the Strong, and Highlander. Dux rebutted with the claim that Lettich was riding the Van Damme gravy train and that he was a part of the conspiracy. I need to make two things clear: 1. What it may have come down to was that Van Damme had been sued and was trying to protect further interests and prospects by keeping Frank Dux out of his realm of influence.

It is also likely that Van Damme did it the Hollywood way, which includes lawyers and agents. Dux believes this was all part of a smear campaign that was launched by Anti-Duxers, especially the founders of Bullshido. You know what else is a probable story? Perhaps Frank Dux wanted some real shock and awe on the perpetrators and when the LAPD had to abide by things like due process and a little concept called the lawDux put on his war paint and asses were destined to get kicked.

The police, all police, take an oath to protect and serve. I believe enough in the justice system to know that this is true, just like due process of the law.According to Dux, a ninjutsu expert named Senzo Tanaka trained him as a ninja when he was a teenager. He established his own school of ninjutsu called Dux Ryu Ninjutsu, and has said he won a secret martial arts tournament called the Kumite in His alleged victory at the Kumite served as the inspiration for the film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Dux's victory at the Kumite has been disputed, as has the existence of both the Kumite he described and Senzo Tanaka. Casey to work as a covert agent. His military records, however, show he was never sent overseas and has not received any awards; Dux states the military sabotaged his records to discredit him.

He has been accused of falsifying his military service by authors B. Singlaub and Soldier of Fortune. Dux worked as a fight choreographer for BloodsportLionheart and Only the Strong He sued Van Damme for breach of contract over the film, but lost the suit in He also lost a lawsuit against Soldier of Fortune for libel the following year, over their claims he had falsified his military and CIA service.

Dux was born on April 6, in Toronto, Canada. Dux says that Tanaka brought him to MasudaJapan when he was 16 to train him as a ninja. Dux served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve from toand said he was sent on covert missions in Southeast Asia during this time and was awarded the Medal of Honor. He was described as being "decorated for his blade fighting techniques in actual combat in Southeast Asia" and as holding black belts in " Taekwondo and other arts".

frank dux website

Dux states he participated in a martial arts competition in The Bahamas called the Kumitedescribing the event as a round single-elimination tournament held in secret every five years; his story was first covered in the November issue of Black Belt. The film Bloodsport is based on his alleged Kumite victory. A fight ensued, with Frazier proving victorious.

Casey arranged to meet him in a restroom, and recruited him to work on covert missions, including destroying a fuel depot in Nicaragua and a chemical weapons plant in Iraq. Dux sued Van Damme after the film's release for breach of contract, on the grounds the finished film was too similar to the manuscript Enter The New Dragonwhich the two had also written.

In Dux lost the case, [17] with the jury foreman stating jurors found Dux's testimony "less than credible", including his assertion that audiotapes of his agreement with Van Damme were destroyed in the Northridge earthquake. Contrary to his claims, Dux's military records obtained through Freedom of information show he never served overseas, he has not been given the Medal of Honor or any other award, and that in January he was referred for psychiatric evaluation after he expressed "flighty and disconnected ideas".

Questioned about the photograph inDux told John Johnson from the Los Angeles Times he was not able to get the military to explain why he was awarded a medal from the wrong service, [2] though in later years he changed his story to say the uniform was just a Halloween costume.Much was written about this controversy in magazine articles, newspaper accounts, online martial arts blogs, Wikipedia, and books which include a book about Stolen Valor.

Due to many younger people having never seen this movie, it naturally prompted some interest. For non-millennials, Frank Dux may have been an icon in their youth. As such, it may prove difficult to abandon the connection that they have with Dux.

Some people even give the movie credit as seeding the idea for Mixed Martial Arts competition as we know it today. We felt that it deserved some mention and discussion. Since much of this case has been discussed already in some form, our focus will be slightly different. We thought long and hard about how to add value to a discussion that has been quite thorough already.

Military Phony will attempt to do this in two important ways. No matter what you believe, the case of Frank Dux certainly is an anomaly. Keep in mind that it was the late s, so this all happened before the internet became mainstream and prior to the existence of smartphones where much can be resolved just shy of the speed of light.

What specific decorations exist for blade fighting techniques in actual combat? From to Frank W. Dux fought matches. Dux still holds four world records:.

Fastest Knockout — 3. Fastest Punch with a Knockout —. Fastest Kick with a Knockout — 72 mph. Most Consecutive Knockouts in a Single Tournament — His records were underscored with this certificate. The movie was extremely successful. However, some people were skeptical….His career started in Have you ever wondered how rich Frank Dux is, as of early ? In addition to fighting professionally in the ring, Dux also owns his Ninjutsu School, and is an author, which have both improved his wealth.

Frank Dux started training in Koga Yamabushi Ninjutsu after Senzo Tanaka introduced him to that martial art style, and from to he fought in matches and actually retired undefeated. Dux holds 16 world records including most consecutive knockouts in a single tournament — 56fastest recorded Kumite knockout — 3.

InDux became the first Kumite fighter to be undefeated with over matches. InFrank became the first and so far only martial artist to break bulletproof glass barehanded and multiple champagne bottle break, a single kick with varying heights at the International Martial Arts Festival, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France. Your email address will not be published. Van Damme. Stunts Title Year Status Character Squeezebox 9 fight choreographer pre-production Bloodsport fight coordinator.

Highlander as Old Man in Car. Little Shop of Horrors as Second Patient. Bloodsport as Miscellaneous Crew. Only the Strong as Welder. Tags Tags. Related Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram. Close Log in Forget?Abbreviated biography. Ian Fleming was renowned for basing his characters on real people, e. Jack Seki:. Charles B. Bill Ryusaki:. Ed Parker:. Colonel, Rex Applegate:. Plus, many notable others, several of which can never be mentioned, actively engaged in covert activities….

Hanshi, Frank W. Reactive ability to utilize fear and be committed to engage in conflict to the point of being unwavering in the face of overwhelming odds, etc. The Academics knowledge of Strategy and Tactics and the ability to create, adapt, perceive and alter a course of action to produce a desired result, etc. One can be the fastest, strongest and most skilled opponent body but, without the skill to develop the proper will spirit or the ability to develop the academics to determine when and when not to strike mindall is vanity.

Both groups had worked hand in hand when Japan sought world domination prior to its military defeat, in Both groups are empirically knowledgeable of stealth and assassination, carrying out or neutralizing many other forms of lethal threats, as well. Such as, topic areas of stealth training, healing arts, techniques dealing with wielding classical martial art weapons, etc.

Both systems teach, however, improvised weapons systems — as in creating them e. When your life is on the line… You Gotta think. Focus — Action — Skill — Strategy — Tactics.

Play The Controversy Game. To Unveil his Secrets Of Warriorship. Wherefore, success is not necessarily measured by victory or defeat but first in the perfection of one's character. To achieve this perfection one must possess a prepared spirit, mind and body and the capability to harmonize all three attributes under times of extreme stress The way in which this is achieved, are the "The Secrets Of Warriorship".

Frank Dux Even as youngster, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux distinguished himself. Warner Bros. Of whom, his Mentors include:.

frank dux website

The characteristics of Spirit, Mind and Body are the grave variables, if impactedthat which determine all outcomes in any form of conflict.

It is the means by which to be grounded in handling everyday life adversity. MIND The Academics knowledge of Strategy and Tactics and the ability to create, adapt, perceive and alter a course of action to produce a desired result, etc.


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