You are Chica!! You love to keep kids happy with food and cupcakes, but you also love give entertainment with music! You are Foxy!! You are a very unsocial person and love to keep things to yourself, you are very active and like to have fun! You are the Puppet!! You have invincible emotions and when people hurt you, you keep it to yourself.

You are Toy Freddy!! You love to play with toys and love kids!! You have a very fun time around children, and love making kids laugh! You are Toy Bonnie! You love to hang out with friends and listen to music. You love children but you would rather spend time along with music and anything entertaining. You are Toy Chica!! You are very different from the rest of the animitronics. You love making food and having fun.

You have some talent in music but food is your main goal.

fnac game characters

You are Mangle! You're very childish and kids love you!! You are slightly active but kids are your main everything! You are Nightmare Freddy! Kids don't really like you that much but that doesn't really matter to you. You are Nightmare Bonnie! You are Nightmare Chica!

fnac game characters

You are Nightmare Foxy! You are Funtime Freddy! You enjoy playing games, hanging with friends, or just spending time by yourself!! You are Circus Baby! You are Funtime Foxy! You are Ballora! Music is your everything.While the first game only features it as an easter egg, it is absent in the second game and returns in the third game. It is unknown whether the Origami Cat is an imaginary friend of Mary's or if it is an actual person, that is helping her by using hypnosis and just manifests as an Origami Cat in her mind.

The Origami Cat is a cat made of folded blue paper. In FNaC3 it is stated, that it represents an actual origami cat, that Mary Schmidt made together with her mother about two years ago. If Shadow Candy is brightened, he appears to have the same color as Origami Cat. Many fans believe that this confirms, that Shadow Candy is the Crigami Cat given the fact that when he appears in your window most common on Night 3.

It has also been stated, that when Blank tries to smash your window, Shadow Candy blocks his attack. As such, Shadow Candy would not be an enemy, but an ally protecting Mary. Only a few fans have experienced this, but Shadow Candy protecting Mary from Blank has been confirmed. Emil said his old name was going to be "Wise cat", which is probably because Origami Cat looks like an origami version of Old Candy, that was used in one of the FNaC teasers known as the "Candy and Rat teaser".

One of the game's endings, "the forgotten ending", features the Origami Cat. At first, it is sitting in place in the darkness, then it disappears and the eyes of a cat-like monster appear on screen. Mary aren't you going to say hello? I'm the Origami cat remember me? I have heard you have been having nightmares lately! That's what I'm here for!

How am I here? Well you are dreaming! This is your old room! Before you moved out! But it looks like you barely remember it! Do you remember the tape player your dad gave you?

He gave it to you because you had trouble sleeping almost every night!

ALL SECRETS \u0026 EASTER EGGS!! - FNAC Remastered

Find it and then come back to me when you are done! I will be here if you need anything. If you knock over the origami cat on every night in your room, located right of the closet you will get a cutscene where the origami cat turns into a monster origami cat. I just wanted to help. I was your friend, but now, you made me into one of them. You so badly wanted to forget me, and I don't know why I was your last memory of her.Have any questions? Hi everyone, now that this Fandom is pretty complete, I'm not going to expect too much activity here.

Nonetheless, I still think a helping hand would be well appreciated! By the way, if you can't edit the pages for some reason, contact me, and I'll try to adjust the settings. About Five Nights At Candy's. Click here to go to the Sinister Turmoil Wiki! Click here to go the FNaF Wiki! For more Polls check The Community Center. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Note from the Owner, Scientedfic: Hi everyone, now that this Fandom is pretty complete, I'm not going to expect too much activity here.

Did you know? Emil Ace Macko created Candy and friends a long time before the game's concept was even formed. Poll It's been a long time since we've last pulled a new poll! So let's see who still visits this Fandom! Who here is excited for Five Nights at Candy's 4? Wait, that's happening? Nah, I'm not interested. The poll was created at on July 13,and so far people voted. Is the Fnac Discord still up?Freddy Fazbear's New Pizzeria has closed for good.

And so, another restaurant is going to take its place in the world of entertainment.


If you encounter any kind of graphical error like images glitching out, glowing, or squares appearing and images disappearing then it is most likely because your computer is incompatible with Direct3D 9. The entire restaurant will be dark at night, so the cameras have Night Vision.

To activate Night Vision, just click on a camera to see the camera feed, then click on it again to enable Night Vision. You can switch to other cameras with Night Vision enabled, and click a camera again to disable Night Vision. The 3 little "mini batteries" above the Power Meter are for each of the 3 doors in your office. When a door is closed, the mini-power-meter of that door will start to fill up.

The mini-power-meters show how much power a door usesand the longer a door is closed, the more power will be drained! I do not claim ownership of any sound effects, apart from ones I created entirely, and I am thankful for the opportunity to use them!

Version: 1. Download MB. No company is without a rival. What could go wrong? Development Stage. Published On. Intense Cartoon Violence. Emil "Ace" Macko Emilmacko. The future of Five Nights At Candy's.

Origami cat

Leave a comment A Big Update 1. Really Important Update 1. Small Update 1. Another update v. Load More. Five Nights at the Chum Bucket by Syncaroonie 4, followers.Someone used one of the suits. We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, someone used it Uh we have one more event scheduled for tomorrow, a birthday. Okay, good night and good luck. The Player will have to watch the Animatronics through the Cameras with a Monitor, making sure they know where they are to keep surviving until 6AM.

Freddy Fazbear's New Pizzeria has closed for good. And so, another restaurant is going to take its place in the world of entertainment. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

There is a total of 12 Cameras within the Building. Summary No company is without a rival. What could go wrong? Plot The game takes place inafter the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

You play as Mary Schmidt. The current lineup of animatronics are Candy, Cindy, Chester, Blank although he is from the previous generationand the Penguin. These animatronics are friendly to children, but act creepily to adults, just like the animatronics in FNAF2. Old Candy and Blank has unchanged AI from their original state, however RAT's has significantly changed, either through tampering, being haunted, having a human inside him this is the most likely cause because of his jumpscareetc.

It might be worth mentioning that his jumpscare sound is creeply similar to several children screaming at once. The previous night guard attacked the Blank animatronic with a wrench, causing it to be somewhat destroyed, yet the children don't mind it.

Fan Characters

The guard obviously attacked the Blank animatronic because it smashed through the guard's window. This night guard tried to warn the phone guy about the behaviour of the animatronics, but he was dismissed as paranoid. Mary fell asleep on the job at a robot factory, many months or even years prior to her job at Candy's. This led to several children being murdered in the robot machine by RAT. He was supposed to be stopped by Mary, but she wasn't awake to do that.

The parts that are covered in blood were used to make Candy and Cindy, hence why the Puppet points to them after the murder, in a seemingly "you did this to them" manner. We can probably assume that the other parts for the other animatronics are also haunted by the child blood.

The children who died in the factory have haunted Mary for "killing them", even though RAT was the one who did the actual crime. However, as we can tell from the cutscenes, there is no evidence that RAT did it because the cameras were not recording the instances. Shadow Candy is relevant to the story, however so far his role is still unknown.

The reason why this is is still unknown. The origami cat, so far, has not one mention of him in the phone calls, or literally anywhere else. It's down to us to figure out what the origami cat means in the real world: It is very likely that Mary has begun work at Candy's in order to find out what happened at the factory when she fell asleep. Origami cats are symbolic representations of wisdom and willingness to obtain knowledge.It is a sequel to the first game.

In August ofa 17 year old girl named Marylin Schmidt has lost a bet to a friend and is dared to stay in an abandoned factory for 5 nights. After each of the 5 nights, there are Minigames that show the animatronics going around the building of Candy's Burger and Fries for various objects, For example, Chester goes around the building for the key to the locked door, When the player gets the key they go to the locked door and the minigame ends, sending the player to the main screen.

Each minigame shows different dates through checking The Office. Also the location of the minigames seem to be located in Candy's Burger and Fries. Cindy's teaser, brightened. Cindy's teaser. Candy's teaser, which is also the first teaser of the game. Penguin's teaser. Penguin's teaser, brightened. Blank's teaser. Blank's teaser, brightened.

Chester's teaser. It is also the last teaser for the game. Chester's teaser, brightened. Add a photo to this gallery Misc.

fnac game characters

The map of the game. Add a photo to this gallery.

fnac game characters

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Summary Rebuilt. We brought joy to many, but that was long ago. In the end, we ended up where we came from. Plot In August ofa 17 year old girl named Marylin Schmidt has lost a bet to a friend and is dared to stay in an abandoned factory for 5 nights. More coming soon. Categories :.With Instagram analytics, you can obtain a ton of valuable data and information to understand how your brand is performing on Instagram and how you can improve your results.

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Five Nights at Candy's

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