If there's any animal that has mastered the art of imitation, it's these talking birds. While some feathered friends' antics can be cute or funny, this video proves cockatoos watch and imitate all sorts of behavior.

cockatoo swearing

Peaches, a Moluccan cockatoo, has a peaceful home in North Carolina, with her current owners, Elaine Sigmon and her husband. Despite her loving atmosphere, once or twice a day, Peaches throws a very vocal temper tantrum, filled with dramatic head movements and loud screeches. So what gives? According to Sigmon, her previous owners were a couple who are now divorced. The former couple presumably bickered often in front of their very observant pet, possibly giving her the rather dramatic habit.

My husband, Don, was sitting in the chair near her perch and she began to aggressively point her head toward him just like someone pointing their finger while arguing We're not sure what she is saying, but she is really giving her opinion," she told the Huffington Post. The video, which has gone viral, has prompted mixed reactions. While some find Peaches's aggressive monologues comical, others sympathize with the animal, who was clearly affected by her previous owners' strained relationship.

One viewer commented on the video, saying, "This bird is traumatized, and I raised [birds] for many years! It's plucked its feathers off in stress and is obviously tormented. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Pets.Thinking of keeping cockatoos as pets? That's a nice idea, but there are a few things that you need to take into consideration beforehand.

Cockatoos are mischievous birds that have an affectionate personality and a streak of comedy. That may make one feel that they make ideal pets, but things are not always as simple as they seem.

They start screaming, become aggressive, confused, and even go to extent of attacking their owners. There are about 21 species of cockatoos in the world.

While most of these are white in color, some come in shades of gray, pink, black, and deep blue. These birds are native to the Indonesian Islands, and make for very good pets. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk As for their size, that differs from one species to another. The behavior of these birds is very different from other parrots. They are known for their manipulative and contemplative behavior.

Additionally, they are very sensitive in nature. They need a lot of personal attention and need to be cuddled a lot.

cockatoo swearing

If you fail to do so, they become aggressive. These birds love to be pampered like a baby. Their behavior is such that they have an intelligent, playful personality, and tend to be very loud. Cockatoos are less inclined towards mimicry, but they can speak like humans when trained. That, again, differs from one species to another.

If your cockatoo starts plucking its feathers and resorts to self-mutilation, it means it is not getting its daily dose of attention. It may also indicate physical or emotional problems. The bird might be suffering from zinc poisoning, bacterial infection, dry skin, vitamin A deficiency, or tapeworm.

You need to see if it is under stress, or is bored with the environment. You should take your bird to a good veterinarian and try to find some solution to treat it. The larger cockatoos, like Moluccan species, has a longer lifespan of about 80 years. Most of the birds die young in captivity, which reiterates the point that good care is required to ensure long life. You should buy strong cages made of wrought iron, stainless steel, etc. You should give your bird lots of toys to play with.

They are aggressive chewers and love to destroy things, and therefore, giving them softwood toys, vegetable tanned leather, ropes, bells, even cardboard to play with makes sense. Their toys should include hanging toys as well as those that the bird can pick up with its beak.At least, that's if a video released on YouTube this week is anything to go by. The video shows Kelly, a staffer at the rescue facility, holding a round cage and explaining why it's bad for a cockatoo's mental health.

Kelly then stomps on the cage aggressively — and right away, you can see what this does to Pebble. Feathers on the bird's head pick up, and it unleashes a torrent of F-bombs that would be excessive in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Funny as the video is, Saskatoon Parrot Rescue president Treena Cheveldayoff said the shape of a bird's cage is a serious issue. As for Pebble's dirty mouth, the shelter insists that the bird learned those words elsewhere.

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cockatoo swearing

Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Privacy Policy. Follow us. Terms Privacy Policy. Pebble the cockatoo cuts a calm figure, but boy, does it have a fowl mouth. Suggest a correction. MORE: alberta alberta video pebble pebble cockatoo pebble cockatoo swearing pebble swearing cockatoo pebble swearing cockatoo saskatchewan saskatchewan swearing cockatoo swearing cockatoo swearing cockatoo saskatchewan swearing cockatoo saskatoon swearing parrot swearing parrot saskatchewan video.A video of an Australian corella, or more commonly known as a cockatoo in America, is going viral on the internet.

Eric, the white short-billed parrot, is heard on the video using a lot of foul language, and has earned himself the title of rudest bird in the world, according to Mirror. His favorite target?

The family dog, whom he calls a "fing c--t. The first of two videos show Eric harassing the dog and a female voice - owner, Sharon Curie - tells the cockatoo to stop fighting with the canine. The bird ignores the warning though and proceeds to swear at the bothered pooch. Eric even attempts to spit at him.

Man Performs Disappearing Act On His Cockatoo And Her Reaction Is Hilarious

Curie once again tells Eric to stop what he's doing, but the cockatoo dishes one last insult and calls the family pet "stupid" before walking away. In the second video, Eric, who is standing on the couch with a Vegemite blanket as a cape, is looking pretty proud of himself. When Sharon asked if he's been a naughty boy for bashing the dog and scaring the cat, the cockatoo announced that he's actually a "fing legend.

To date, there are more than 16, members following Eric's tirades. Eric apparently learned to swear after hearing these from Sharon's husband, who is a huge Australian football fan, according to Buzzfeed.

Do not reproduce without permission. Latest News.A cockatoo goes crazy after a man destroys one of the birds' hated round cages in a new viral video.

Pebble the rescued parrot lays into the crushed cage in an expletive outburst - the curved enclosure is reportedly very bad for the bird and can be both mentally and physically dangerous. The video was uploaded by the Saskatoon Parrot Rescue in Canada over the weekend and has already amassed over 1million views on YouTube.

Parrots hate round cages: The rescue worker jumps and flattens a birdcage as Pebble the cockatoo watches. At the start of the video a parrot rescuer, under the supervision of Pebble, explains that the round cage belongs to another bird called Jojo. He says: 'Birds like corners, so we're going to fix this cage a little bit… Pebble is going to watch and make sure it's done correctly. Laying the cage on the ground, the rescuer then begins to violently jump and stamp on the metal enclosure.

In an astonishing display of anger the white cockatoo then starts shouting and swearing at the crumpled birdcage, which has left its former owner Jojo with neck problems. The man says: 'Oh you don't like those cages either hey. That's what it needs, another one', stamping away again on the wires. Bad for the bird: The man works for a parrot rescue centre in Canada and explains how parrots need a cage with corners to feel safe.

Video captures Pebble the cockatoo's swearing tirade against a round cage crushed by rescuer

Crushing the cage: Pebble goes nuts after the man destroys the enclosure of fellow parrot Jojo. Right in the garbage', he adds to the apparent approval of the parrot still swearing at the despised cage. In a director's cut of the video the rescuer explains that birds like to have a corner to hide in so they can 'feel safe'. In a round cage they look around for a corner and go 'crazy' when they are unable to find one, he says, which is the likely cause of neurological disorders, as the case has been with Jojo.

What do you think of that? The white cockatoo bursts into an expletive-laden rant and the hated cage. The man works for a parrot rescue charity in Saskatoon that aims to educate the public about the birds and care for parrots across Saskatchewan, a large province in Canada.

The video of Pebble, titled 'How to fix a round cage', has gone viral on social media after it was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. The organisation, which has 26 parrots in their care, has written about the response they have received on their Facebook page: 'Parrots everywhere are in trouble, and we hope for rescuers everywhere this brings exposure. Viral video: The video of Pebble has amassed over 1million views on YouTube and gone viral on social media.

Below another video of Pebble, where the bird is captured having another swear-filled rant, the Recue explains the reasons why Pebble has learned to speak with such foul words. They say: 'Pebble has had approximately 10 homes in just over 20 years of her life. So we don't know for sure where she learned it, but she came to us with it.Eric the Legend starred in a hilarious new video to 'show all the kids out there how you eat your broccoli' after his vet advised he eat more of the vegetable.

Eric the cockatoo was given broccoli, under advice from his vet, but threw it off the side of the table. The short clip shows Eric perched on a table when his owner brought over a tiny silver bowl filled with broccoli.

The Australian bare-eyed cockatoo quickly dragged the bowl to the edge of the table and promptly threw the vegetable off the side, before sending the bowl off too. I want you to show all the kids out there how you eat your broccoli'. His owner then gave him a second bowl filled with broccoli, which he again threw off the side.

I want you to show all the kids out there how you eat your broccoli. The owner handed him a new bowl of broccoli, which he again threw off the site. Eric took the pieces of broccoli out, to the owner's delight: 'Beautiful, see it's nice isn't it? You like your broccoli don't you?

On 'take three', Eric took the pieces of broccoli out to the owner's delight: 'Beautiful, see it's nice isn't it? But the cockatoo didn't eat it, and instead shredded it into pieces, and swung the bowl off the table. It is nice! It's nice Eric. It's nice! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Video Eric the swearing cockatoo curse at his owner as he refuses to eat broccoli e-mail 2.

AI scanners monitor pedestrian's social distancing.Every cockatoo will scream.

15 Cockatoo Youtube Channels To Follow in 2020

This is natural behavior and is mostly used to communicate with group members. Every day, for many species in the evening before going to sleep, there is a screaming session.

If you have more than one cockatoo, they will usually scream together.

Cockatoo epic freakout (warning fowl language)

Please keep in mind that this behavior is natural and should not be curbed. Excessive screaming is a different story and arises from boredom or is even accidentally taught to the bird.

Screaming out of frustration or boredom is common among cockatoos. Negative attention is also attention for a bored bird. Do not underestimate the volume and duration of this screaming, it is not easily ignored.

To stop excessive screaming, permanent changes need to be made to the cage and your interaction with the bird. It should be able to perform natural behavior and should get enough things to do to relieve boredom. Possible solutions are: getting a larger cage, getting is a suitable companion, providing the bird with more toys, adding more natural branches and wood to chew on, spending more time with your bird and making it more challenging to forage.

If you accidentally taught your cockatoo that it will get your attention when it screams, you should stop giving it any attention when it screams and give it a lot of attention when it is quiet and behaving nicely. Young cockatoos, until around 1 to 3 years old, will not scream or only very rarely.

Some species or individuals will scream a lot more than others. A species that is reported to be more quiet is the Galah.

All species will scream, even when they are perfectly happy and not bored. The screaming of a cockatoo is often the reason a pet cockatoo is given up on, and sold or put into a sanctuary. Even if the people in the household can deal with the loud screaming every day, the neighbors are often less forgiving.

Keep this in mind when considering to get a cockatoo as a pet. A screaming Umbrella cockatoo. There are many kinds of screams, ranging from this kind of noise-making to actual screeching.

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Pebble The Fowl-Mouthed Cockatoo Delivers The Best Rant We've Heard Yet

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