I nuovi spazi della conoscenza. Presente e futuro delle biblioteche accademiche"Biblioteche oggi", 4, maggiop. Percorsi della comunicazione scientifica. Dalla stampa all'open access"Culture del testo e del documento. Le discipline del libro nelle biblioteche e negli archivi", 12, maggio-agoston.

bibliotime, xii, 1

Dalla stampa all'open access. Percorsi della comunicazione scientificain "Books seems to me to be pestilent things".

Studi in onore di Piero Innocenti per i suoi 65 annipromossi da Varo A. Vecchiarelli, raccolti, ordinati, curati da Cristina Cavallaro, 4 voll. La lunga marcia dell'e-book. E chiamala, se vuoi, organizzazione.

bibliotime, xii, 1

Modelli e prospettive per la biblioteca contemporanea"Biblioteche oggi", n. I percorsi della learning library. La biblioteca come costellazione. Dal nostro passato documentario. Maria Gioia Tavoni, Percorsi minimi.

Lo staff su misura. Gli intangible assets nell'evoluzione dei servizi informativiin La biblioteca su misura. Questa sera si cataloga a soggetto. Conservazione e perdita delle memorie. Paperless variations. Le alterne vicende del libro elettronico"Biblioteche oggi", 235, p. La cognizione del valore. La gestione per processi in biblioteca: un'applicazione possibile?

Il sistema periodico. Territori digitali. Information Commons: un modello di cooperazione per le biblioteche accademichein La biblioteca condivisa. Strategie di rete e nuovi modelli di cooperazionea cura di Ornella Foglieni, Milano, Editrice Bibliografica,p.

Archivi ibridi. Metodi e forme di conservazione del digitalein Conservare il Novecento: oltre le carte. La disarmonia prestabilita. Per un approccio ibrido alla conoscenza e ai suoi supporti"Biblioteche oggi", 205, p. Verso un servizio informativo integratoa cura di Ornella Foglieni, Milano, Editrice Bibliografica,p.

Sulle spalle dei giganti.

2019-2020 Lectionary Year C

Riflessioni ex-post su una proposta di interpretazione"Biblioteche oggi", 211, p.Sorry, an error was encountered while loading comparison. Sorry, an error was encountered while loading the book. Sorry, you don't have permission to view that book. Sorry, an error was encountered while loading part of the book.

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The Word Became Flesh. The Testimony of John the Baptist. We need to give an answer to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself? Behold, the Lamb of God.

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bibliotime, xii, 1

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In addition, they consume less power at idle and can transition between load states much more quickly. These improvements necessitate a re-evaluation of power-design priorities because phase-doublers add a propagation delay that hampers transient response.Descriptions of ancient and old periodicals approximately printed by 20th century in biblioghaphies and catalogues often provides few information about the structure and the content.

It is a paradox, considering the bibliographic complexity and the importance of the periodicals as a historical source. This situation has been explained through the analysis of bibliographic news and reviews spread by Italian periodicals from 18th to 19th century; as a matter of fact, this content is known only through rare examples of very detailed biblioghaphies, specialized studies or, clearly, reading the periodicals itself.

The regular creation of biblioghaphies provided with key-words about contents could be a solution to this problem. These analytic biblioghaphies would be really useful if they were linked to the library catalogues nowdays increasingly hypertextual and dynamic ; the perfect outlook would be matching them to further links to historic periodicals in digital formats.


In this way could be avoided that the direct access to digitized periodicals and the full-text research among articles and news promote the spread of disorganised, unaware and passive research methods. It would also be possible to save time avoiding to make researches on periodical not relevant about your own topic in this case the contents are about bibliography. Analisi di una tipologia di periodici veneziani, Venezia, Marcianum Press, Il catalogo tra web 2.

Language Select Language English Italiano. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Review policy. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Titles, columns, news: the description of the contents of the journals, between repertory deficiencies and superficial cataloging.

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Abstract Descriptions of ancient and old periodicals approximately printed by 20th century in biblioghaphies and catalogues often provides few information about the structure and the content. Keywords Periodicals; Bibliography; Digitization. Refbacks There are currently no refbacks.This was a type of question with which the British were only too familiar. On the one hand failure to help the Greeks would mean that Italian air attacks would be virtually unopposed, in which case the morale of the army and of the civil population would be dangerously weakened.

The establishment of the Italians in Greece would be a severe blow to our strategic position in the Eastern Mediterranean and if it was to be easily achieved the effect on our relations with Turkey and Yugoslavia would be deplorable.

On the other hand the whole position still depended upon the security of Egypt. If Egypt were lost, Greece would be beyond our help; but The possibility of an Italian invasion of Greece naturally directed attention to Turkey, who would certainly dislike the prospect of seeing Italian troops upon her own Thracian frontier.

But in view of their anxiety about German and Russian intentions in the Balkans the Turks could not be expected to send troops to Greece. If they wished to operate against the Dodecanese instead, they would need far more British help and equipment than could be spared. It seemed to the Chiefs of Staff that it would be best that Turkey should agree, in the event of an Italian invasion of Greece, to break off diplomatic relations with Italy, or at least recall her Ambassador, to place every obstacle in the way of Italian merchant shipping, and to extend a certain leniency to the British over questions of the violation of territorial air and waters.

The strategic importance of Crete had never been lost sight of but the French troops who had been ready to go there were no longer available, and British troops were scarce. Towards the end of September the Greeks heard news of the move of three additional Italian divisions to Albania, whereupon their anxiety reached its culminating point. If an attack were coming at all, it would surely come now, during the few remaining weeks of comparatively good weather.

In this atmosphere it became possible for the British to initiate discussions with a view to making a co-ordinated plan for the defence of Crete. It was hoped that the 12, or so Greek troops on the island would be capable of holding out until support could arrive.

Little progress was made, however, because the British Before the war began it had been understood between the two Dictators that the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas were purely Italian spheres of interest, and after the armistice with France the Duce began to think seriously about improving Italy's strategic position at the expense of Yugoslavia or Greece.

For an attack on Yugoslavia the Italians would need German help, and Ciano was sent to Berlin on 7th July to discuss the matter. Hitler's reply was emphatic: he had no wish to see the war spread to the Balkans.

A few days later Mussolini directed that Libya was to have first call on all Italian resources, and Greece and Yugoslavia were relegated to the background for the time being, though the Duce continued to study plans for the invasion of both countries. The Greek plan had one great attraction in that it did not depend upon German help.Ps Isaiah Romans Matthew Ps,Ps Ps 72 or Ps Psalm Isaiah James Psalm or Luke Psalm or Psalm Psalm Psalm 24 or Psalm Psalmor Psalmor Psalm Isaiah or Isaiah or Isaiah Titus or Titus or Hebrews Luke or Luke or John Psalm 96 or Psalm 97 or Psalm Lukeor Lukeor John Isaiahor Isaiahor Isaiah Sirach Colossians Matthew Hebrews


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